It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves
All-Star Taekwondo & Fitness in Riverdale a terrific location to learn martial arts

Editor s note: The following is a letter of endorsement concerning Master Ed Licerio, and his Korean dojang. It was written by a household that trains at his dojang, which is the term for a formal training hall for Korean martial arts.

Master Ed was the only brave soul ready to take on my saucy, little three-year-old daughter, Cecelia. My spouse and I were searching for a martial arts program for my child age 3 and kid age 4. As hectic working parents we wanted something meaningful yet budget friendly while providing a versatile schedule. Most schools would only accept children ages 5 and older.

Master Ed seemed entirely unfazed by my 2 little difficulties. I remember his warm disposition, genuineness, hearty laugh, & upbeat character. We could quickly notice a feeling of family & friendship. Master Ed provided as somebody who regulated respect, was stringent enough while at the exact same time quick to smile. The environment was warm and welcoming and we were drawn right in ...

Master Ed spoke easily and truthfully with us. No high pressure sales tactics or gimmicks. He provided free trial sessions and eagerly invited my children.

My partner and I entrusted an excellent vibe. It simply felt "right." We observed the older children helping the more youthful ones. These teenagers appeared well mannered and acted and this surprised me. I had actually never considered teens as being really civilized! In addition, we enjoyed enjoying their cool taekwondo relocations. Outstanding.

The school offered a standard Korean taekwondo curriculum and this we liked very much. We desired our children to learn something authentic. In addition, the idea of self-defense has terrific appeal in this day and age. We need to know our children are safe at all times.

We returned the next day with our kids in hand. My neurotic mom impulse never kicked in because all the older kids appeared to flock to my little guys and smother them with interest.

That same day we signed our kids up for a 3-month trial for $99! What a remarkable offer!

Watching our kids train made us a bit jealous. We, too, desired a piece of the action. I was VERY unwilling because I was 40 years old and never ever played a sport in my entire life. My coordination and memory are horrible. Master Ed "talked me off the ledge" and motivated me to try. Making matters much better he was more than willing to enable me to bring my children there while I trained. Who does this??? His personal children and other teenagers would entertain and have fun with my kids permitting me to train in peace. (Well ... usually!).

P.S. Within no time all four Colvins were members of All Star Taekwondo. And exactly what’s amusing is we are still as inspired as we were in the start and enjoy it just as much and perhaps even more. And at the exact same time it’s a very healthy dependency.

The older kids have actually viewed over mine and inspired them. My kids are in awe of the demo team and aspire to be a part of it someday. My kids have discovered to work hard, comply with others, and conquer challenges - vital life lessons.

For me, taekwondo has revealed me that I could do things that I never ever believed were possible. It’s something I like to do and a part of who I am. Master Ed challenges me to much better myself. We have actually also established dear pals at All Star. We have actually supported each other during difficult times as well as celebrate successes, turning points, and unique occasions. Even more surprising, we really LIKE being together outside of the dojang. Happy hour, suppers, holiday parties, beach days, Mud runs, and camping trips tie us together as an extended household.

I am a proud and self-announced taekwondo mom and I wouldn’t modification that for anything in the world ... My husband and I will be training for Black Belt in one year. My children prepare to continue on to their Black Belt and beyond.

Make a visit to the dojang in Riverdale ... give a call to Master Ed and have a chat ... inspect it out on your own. You will not be dissatisfied. At the least you will find a terrific location filled with excellent individuals and you will leave feeling quite darn great.