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No girls! Martial arts fan sells kickboxing bag on Gumtree but insists 'This is genuine guys just'

A kickboxing bag has emerged for sale on Gumtree for 'real guys just' after the male martial arts fan seller declared the 59.99 piece of sporting equipment was not for 'women or girls'.

In a self-confessed sexist advert, the seller claims the 6-foot kickboxing bag is a 'male's product' and must be for 'real men who wish to attain something in life like owning an entire gym filled with monstrously large exercise equipment'.

The seller, based in Islington, north London, likewise specifies that he will choose not to sell to 'women or women' because most women look at the punch bag as 'if it were some sort of gigantic waste of space'.

However, he includes that while 'honestly, it probably isn't right' for women, females can 'if they firmly insist' call him by means of the online ad and make a case for the sale, but he will eventually choose 'if they are right' as a purchaser.

He includes: 'The only reason this is being offered to men, is because every man who sees it, literally enjoys it. With women, absolutely nothing.'

The advert, entitled 'Unleash hell at home bad ** s kickboxing bag *** No Women or Girls. Sale to MEN ONLY ***', emerged on Gumtree the other day with pictures of the 'Body Sculpture' punch bag and an image from Brad Pitt's cult film Fight Club.

The seller set out the advert in a 'question and response' format, informing potential buyers that the kickboxing bag will enable them to 'unleash an inconceivable hell in your very own living room, without harming your moms and dad's furniture'.

It says: 'Armed with a removable base, capable of standing up to furious punch or kick impact, when filled, you can feel confident that your upset post-work hostility will get in touch with something legal.

' The resilient 'flex joint' (shizzed-up word for the bit that links bag to the base), means any show stopping blows you toss, will be easily absorbed by the bags resistant material.'

Under the question 'Why aren't you selling this to women?', he responds: 'This is a male's product' before asserting he will not sell to females. The advert also includes that the bag is not for 'individuals who are terrified of Gumtree posts'.

The advert concludes with the seller acknowledging that the description could be seen as sexist.

He presents the question: 'I'm a female martial arts/kickboxing champion. I'm going to claim to be a man online, then when I turn-up, batter you for composing such a sexist post,' prior to addressing by firmly insisting the product is 'not for females'.

He composes: 'That sort of turns me on. Though appearance, the only reason this is being sold to men, is because every guy who realizes it, literally likes it. It fires up some sort of primitive aggression in him.

' They simply charge the important things. With women, absolutely nothing. They just look, as if it were some sort of gigantic waste of space.

' So honestly, it probably isn't for you - but if you firmly insist, feel free to drop me a line. We'll realize who's right.'

The kickboxing bag is noted for sale for 59.99 in the sports equipment classification on Gumtree.